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My Emotions


  1. Wtf, you need a plan for you, now every day you spend a lot of time to sleep. So what do you doing for your life? If you always sleep? You didn’t do anything good for you? Why? Do you love yourself? Now you need a perfect plan, let's start!

  2. how many hours to a good time to sleep to health? 

  3. the answer is 8h/day.

  4. so the time you go to sleep is 10h then get up at 5h in the morning.

  5. from 5h to 8h you have 3 hours to do something good for your life, so what are you will doing? 

  6.  I think you can read a book and regulate emotions.


Today I'm happy, everything will rise every day. my emotion too! how to improve yourself?

yesterday I was yourself get something not good emotions with my friend. I was too angry, so read a book to regulate my emotions. I try every day I always happy and comfortable. Thank you everything gets to me. 

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