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At the movies - Learing English

November 2 2019 , Written by Dionysus Published on #English

How to talk about a movie in Englishthere are some tips help you to talk about the topic.

Components of a Movie

Genre:                                      What kind of movie is it?


Actors/stars:                            Who is in it?

                                                 Who's starring in it?


Setting/ Background:             Where does it take place?

                                                 When does it take place?


Plot/Story:                              What's it about?

                                                What happens in it?


Climax:                                    How does it end?

                                                What happens in the end?


Reviews:                                 What did the critics say?

                                               What kind of reviews did it get?


Can you name a movie ....?

...that is a sci-fi?

...that is a horror?

...that is an action movie?

...that is a romantic comedy?


...with Joely in it?

...that is starring Julia Roberts?

...with Mike Meyers in it?

...starring Sean Connery?


...that takes place in space?

...that takes place in WWII?

...set in Asia?

...set on a train?

...that takes place in the 1800s?

...set in the countryside?

...that takes place in Europe?


...about people who fall in love?

...about people who take drugs?

...about police who are corrupt?

...about someone who wants to destroy the world?


Read the plot descriptions of the following children's animation movies.

    It's about a clownfish that travels across the ocean to find his son who was captured by a dentist. Along the way, the clownfish meet another fish with a memory problem. In the end, the two fish travel to Sydney, Australia, and the little clownfish get rescued.

   It's about a princess who runs away from the place because her evil stepmother wants to kill her. She finds a house in the forest where seven dwarves live. However, the stepmother finds her, comes to the house disguised as an old woman and gives her a poisoned apple. The dwarves chase the stepmother away, but it's too late because the princess is already asleep because of the poison. In the end, a prince comes along and kisses her and she wakes up.


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