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IELTS- Part 1- Smile

September 26 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #English, #IELTS


1.1 Do you like to smile?
I love it! I have traveled extensively and seen that some other cultures smile more than others. When someone smiles, it brings me positive energy and instantly improves my mood. With this said, I have taken it upon myself to smile as much as possible to give others a warm feeling.

1.2 Hoe often do you smile?
As much as possible! I've noticed that even when I'm having a bad day, a smile or laugh always helps. So, I try to smile whenever I meet or pass someone, as well as after a bad day.

1.3 Do you smile when you are having your picture taken?
Yes, I do! Although I prefer a more serious look for my selfies which shows off my bone structure more, I always smile in a group photo. Actually, sometimes I can't help but to smile because I am having such a good time!

1.4 When do people smile to others?
In many different cases, but I would say usually when they make eye contact with someone or to people in their workplace. In my country, people usually don't smile at everyone on the streets because the person may suspect us of wanting something from them.

1.5 Can you sense (or feel, or tell) if someone's smile is fake?
Yes, I can! I can sense a fake smile but how much it looks forced. When someone's smile is fake, they smile with just their mouth instead of their eyes. With this said, you can always tell a genuine smile by the eyes.

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