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The way makes an impressive professional presentation by English

September 26 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #English

The way makes an impressive professional presentation by English

I. Introduction

enlightenedStraight to the point but still create the appeal and curiosity of the listener.

exp:   Gasoline prices are falling sharply in recent times. So let’s find out the cause of this extraordinary discounts.

Or maybe try the following:

Welcome to …! 
Hello everyone! 
Ladies and gentlemen! 
My presentation is in three parts.
My presentation is divided into three main sections.
I’m going to talk about…… 
I will take a look at…… 
Today! I will tell you something about the background of …… 
I want to concentrate on ……….. 

II. Content

A few suggestions you can refer to:

As I said at the beginning of my presentation… 
As you remember, we are concerned with…. 
This relates directly to the question I put to you before.

Also in the content of this presentation in English, you also need to pay attention to the use of images, graphs illustrating reality. It will help listeners more easily approach your issues. When using images, graphs and illustrations you can also open it as:

This graph shows you….. 
Take a look at this chart…… 
If you look at this, you will see…. 
I’d like you to look at this…..

enlightenedDuring the presentation, you should pay attention to the listener's attitudes, gestures and facial expressions that dynamically handle the situation to avoid making mistakes when it is too late to save.

III. Summary

You should summarize what was said and note the important part of the presentation to the listener such as:

That brings me to the end of my presentation. I’ve talked about…. 
Well, that’s about it for now. We’ve covered…. 
So, that was our marketing strategy. In brief, we…. 
To summarize, I …. 

Finally, you should not forget to thank the listeners for their valuable time to come to your impressive presentation.smileylaugh


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