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Sample PMP Exam Questions

January 13 2020 , Written by tokyo_ai Published on #PM, #PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Sample PMP Exam Questions

1. A document that formally recognizes the existence of a project is a ________.

a. Gantt chart
b. WBS
c. project charter
d. scope statement

2. Decomposition is used in developing ________.

a. the management plan
b. the communications plan
c. the earned value
d. the WBS

3. The critical path on a project represents ________.

a. the shortest path through a network diagram
b. the longest path through a network diagram
c. the most important tasks on a project
d. the highest-risk tasks on a project

4. If the earned value (EV) for a project is $30,000, the actual cost (AC) is $33,000, and the planned value (PV) is $25,000, what is the cost variance?

a. $3,000
b. $3,000
c. $5,000
d. $5,000

5. If the earned value (EV) for a project is $30,000, the actual cost (AC) is $33,000, and the planned value (PV) is $25,000, how is the project performing?

a. The project is over budget and ahead of schedule.
b. The project is over budget and behind schedule.
c. The project is under budget and ahead of schedule.
d. The project is under budget and behind schedule.

6. What is the target goal for defects per million opportunities using Six Sigma?

a. 1
b. 3.4
c. 34
d. 100

7. Project human resource management does not include which of the following processes?

a. acquiring the project team
b. developing the project team
c. managing the project team
d. estimating activity resources

8. If a project team increases from three to five people, how many more communications channels are there?

a. 7
b. 6
c. 5
d. 4

9. Your project team has identified several risks related to your project. You decide to take actions to reduce the impact of a particular risk event by reducing the probability of its occurrence. What risk response strategy are you using?

a. risk avoidance
b. risk acceptance
c. risk mitigation
d. contingency planning

10. Which type of contract provides the least amount of risk for the buyer?

a. firm fixed price
b. fixed price incentive
c. cost plus incentive fee
d. cost plus fixed fee


11. Suppose you have a project with four tasks as follows:
• Task 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of 1.
• Task 2 can start after Task 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of 4.
• Task 3 can start after Task 2 is completed and has an estimated duration of 5.
• Task 4 can start after Task 1 is completed and must be completed when Task 3 is completed. Its estimated duration is 8.
What is the length of the critical path for this project?

a. 9
b. 10
c. 11
d. 12

12. In which project management process group is the most time and money typically spent?

a. initiating
b. planning
c. executing
d. monitoring and controlling

13. Creating a probability/impact matrix is part of which risk management process?

a. plan risk management
b. identify risks
c. perform qualitative risk analysis
d. perform quantitative risk analysis

14. It is crucial that your project team finish your project on time. Your team is using a technique to account for limited resources. You have also added a project buffer before the end date and feeding buffers before each critical task. What technique are you using?

a. critical path analysis
c. critical chain scheduling
d. earned value management

15. One of your senior technical specialists informs you that a major design flaw exists in a systems development project you are managing. You are already testing the system and have planned to roll it out to more than 5,000 users in a month. You know that changing the design now will cause several cost and schedule overruns. As project manager, what should you do first?

a. Issue a stop work order until you understand the extent of the flaw.
b. Notify your project sponsor immediately to see if additional funds are
available to work on this problem.
c. Notify your senior management and let them decide what to do.
d. Hold a meeting as soon as possible with key members of your project
team to discuss possible solutions to the problem.

16. You are a member of a large government project. You know that the contract
insists that all equipment be manufactured in the United States. You see a
senior member of your team replacing a company etching on a piece of
equipment that was made in a foreign country. You confront this person, and
he says he is following the project manager’s orders. What should you do?

a. Nothing; the project manager made the decision.
b. Immediately report the violation to the government.
c. Update your resume and look for another job.
d. Talk to the project manager about the situation, and then decide what to do.

17. Which of the following is not an output of the integrated change control process?

a. project management plan updates
b. approved change requests
c. forecasts
d. project documents updates

18. The ceiling price for a contract is $1.25 million, the target price is $1.1 million, the target cost is $1 million, and the government share is 75%. What is the point of total assumption?

a. $1.2 million
b. $1 million
c. $1.1 million
d. there is not enough information

19. Obtaining quotes, bids, offers, or proposals is part of which project procurement management process?

a. plan procurements
b. conduct procurements
c. control procurements
d. close procurements

20. Your boss believes that all of your project team members avoid work as much as possible. He or she often uses threats and various control schemes to make sure people are doing their jobs. Which approach to managing people does your boss follow?

a. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
b. Theory X
c. Theory Y
d. Herzberg’s motivation and hygiene factors

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