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Sample Project1 Exam Questions

January 13 2020 , Written by tokyo_ai Published on #PM, #PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Sample Project1 Exam Questions

1. Two software developers on your project disagree on how to design an important part of a system. There are several technologies and methodologies they could use. What should be the primary driver in deciding how to proceed?

a. following corporate standards
b. following industry standards
c. meeting business needs
d. using the least expensive approach

2. Match the following items to their descriptions:

Stakeholder a. Acts as a liaison between the business area and developers
Project manager b. Writes software code
Business analyst c. Person involved in project activities or affected by them
Programmer d. Manages project activities

3. For a project to be successful, the project manager should strive to understand and meet certain goals. What are the three main project goals to meet? Select three answers.

a. scope or performance goals
b. time goals
c. political goals
d. cost goals
e. stock price goals

4. You have received an incomplete project scope definition. Put the following actions in order of how you should proceed to complete them.

a. Incorporate additional changes to the scope definition document.
b. Review the draft scope definition document with your project team.
c. Get signatures on the completed scope definition document.
d. Rewrite the draft scope definition document with your users and project

5. What term describes the process of reaching agreement on a collective decision?

a. collaboration
b. cooperation
c. coordination
d. consensus

6. What is a variance?

a. a buffer in a duration estimate
b. a small amount of money set aside for contingencies
c. a form of risk management
d. a deviation from the project plan

7. Which of the following would be legitimate reasons for a vendor to request a delay in delivering a product? Select two answers.

a. The vendor may have underestimated the amount of time required to produce and deliver the product.

b. The project contact from the vendor’s organization may be going on vacation.
c. The vendor might be able to provide a better product by delivering it late.
d. The vendor might lose money by delivering the product late.


8. When should you involve stakeholders in the change control process on IT projects?

a. before a change is submitted
b. after a change is submitted
c. when a change is submitted
d. throughout the life of a project

9. Which of the following techniques can be used to help manage requirements?
Select three answers.

a. prototyping
b. use case modeling
c. JAD
d. worst case modeling

10. Match the following items to their descriptions:

Lessons learned a. Leave a clear and complete history of a project
Project audits b. Review project progress and results
Project archives c. Document what went right or wrong on a project


Result of this:

1. c; 2. c, d, a, b;

3. a, b, d; 4. b, d, a, c;

5. d; 6. d;

7. a, c; 8. d;

9. a, b, c; 10. c, b, a

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