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Difference between Audit and Inspection, Testing and Debugging

May 3 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

Difference between Audit and Inspection


  • A systematic process to determine how the actual testing process is conducted within an organization or a team. Generally, it is an independent examination of processes which are involved during the testing of software.
  • As per IEEE, it is a review of documented processes whether organizations implements and follows the processes or not.
  • Types of Audit include the Legal Compliance Audit, Internal Audit, and System Audit.


  • A formal technique which involves the formal or informal technical reviews of any artifact by identifying any error or gap. The inspection includes the formal as well as informal technical reviews.
  • As per IEEE94, Inspection is a formal evaluation technique in which software requirements, design, or code are examined in detail by a person or group other than the author to detect faults, violations of development standards, and other problems.
  • Formal Inspection meetings may have the following process: Planning, Overview Preparation, Inspection Meeting, Rework, and Follow-up.


Difference between Testing and Debugging


  • It involves the identification of bug/error/defect in the software without correcting it.
  • Normally professionals with a Quality Assurance background are involved in the identification of bugs. Testing is performed in the testing phase.


  • It involves identifying, isolating and fixing the problems/bug.
  • Developers who code the software conduct debugging upon encountering an error in the code.
  • Debugging is the part of the White box or Unit Testing.
  • Debugging can be performed in the development phase while conducting Unit Testing or in phases while fixing the reported bugs.


Note for me:

isolating: cô lập

involves: liên quan

artifact: hiện vật

gap: lỗ hổng


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