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Difference between Verification & Validation

May 3 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

Difference between Verification & Validation



Are you building it right?

Are you building the right thing?

Ensure that the software system meets all the functionality.

Ensure that functionalities meet the intended behavior.

Verification takes place first and includes the checking for documentation, code, etc.

Validation occurs after verification and mainly involves the checking of the overall product.

Done by developers.

Done by Testers.

Have static activities as it includes the reviews, walkthroughs, and inspections to verify that software is correct or not.

Have dynamic activities as it includes executing the software against the requirements.

It is an objective process and no subjective decision should be needed to verify the Software.

It is a subjective process and involves subjective decisions on how well the Software works.


Note for me:

Verification: xác minh

Validation: xác nhận

overall: tổng thể

walkthroughs: hướng dẫn

static: tĩnh

dynamic: động





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