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Some question about the test - part 11

April 30 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

Q31. Purpose of test design technique is

A, identifying test conditions only, not identifying test cases

B, not identifying test conditions, identifying test cases only

C, identifying test conditions and identifying test cases

D, identifying test conditions or identifying test cases

Answer: C

Q32. The ______ testing is performed at the developing organization’s site

A, unit testing

B, regression testing

C, alpha testing

D, integration testing

Answer: C

Q33. Which is the non-function testing

A, performance testing

B, unit testing

C, regression testing

D, sanity testing

Answer: A

Q34. Which is not the fundamental test process

A, planning and control

B, test closure activities

C, analysis, and design

D, none

Answer: D

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