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Some question about the test - part 12

April 30 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

Q35. Component testing is also called as:

i.unit testing

ii. program testing

iii. module testing

iv. system component testing


A, i, ii, iii are true, iv is false

B, i, ii, iii, iv are true

C, i, ii, iv are true, iii is false

D, all of the above is true

Answer: A

Q36. Testing activity which is performed to expose defects in the interfaces and in the interaction between integration components is:

A, system level testing

B, integration level testing

C, unit level testing

D, component testing

Answer: B

Q37. Test implementation and execution has which of the following major tasks?

i.developing and prioritizing test cases, creating test data, writing test procedures and optionally preparing the test harnesses and writing automated test scripts.

ii. creating the test suite from the test cases for efficient test execution.

iii. verifying that the test environment has been set up correctly.

iv. determining the exit criteria


A, i, ii, iii are true, iv is false

B, i, iv are true, ii, iii are false

C, i, ii are true, iii, iv are false

D, ii, iii, iv are true, i is false

Answer: A

Note for me:

Prioritizing: ưu tiên

Harnesses: thử nghiệm

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