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Some question about the test - part 7

April 30 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

Q19. Which of the following is a form of functional testing?

A, boundary value analysis

B, usability testing

C, performance testing

D, security testing

Answer: A

Q20. Regression testing should be performed:

v. every week

w. after the software has changed

x. as often as possible

y. when the environment has changed

z. when the project manager says


A, v & w are true, x,y & z are false

B, w, x &y are true, v & z are false

C, w & y are true, v, x & z are false

D, w is true, v, x, y & z are false

Answer: C

Q21. Consider the following statements about early test design:

i.early test design can prevent fault multiplication

ii. faults found during early test design are more expensive to fix

iii. early test design can find faults

iv. early test design can cause changes to the requirements

v. early test design normally takes more effort


A, i, iii & iv are true, ii & v are false

B, iii &iv are true, i, ii & v are false

C, i, iii, iv & v are true, ii is false

D, i & ii are true, iii, iv & v are false

Answer: A

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