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Some question about the test - part 9

April 30 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

Q25. Functional system testing is:

A, testing that the system functions with other systems

B, testing that the components that comprise the system function together

C, testing the end to end functionality of the system as a whole

D, testing the system performs functions within specified response times

Answer: C


Q26. Beta testing is:

A, performed by customers at their own site

B, performed by customers at the software developer’s site

C, performed by an Independent test team

D, performed as early as possible in the life cycle

Answer: A


Q27. The main focus of acceptance testing is:

A, finding faults in the system

B, ensuring that the system is acceptable to all users

C, testing the system with other systems

D, testing from a business perspective

Answer: D


Note for me:

business perspective: Quan điểm nghiệp vụ

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