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What is Quality? How important is it?

May 2 2019 , Written by Harry Published on #TESTER

What is Quality? How important is it?

Quality can briefly be defined as “a degree of excellence”.

High-quality software usually conforms to user requirements.

A customer’s idea of quality may cover a breadth of features - conformance to specifications, good performance on platform(s)/configurations, completely meets operational requirements (even if not specified!), compatibility to all the end-user equipment, no negative impact on existing end-user base at introduction time.

 Quality software saves a good amount of time and money. Because the software will have fewer defects, this saves time during testing and maintenance phases.

Greater reliability contributes to an immeasurable increase in customer satisfaction as well as lower maintenance costs. Because maintenance represents a large portion of all software costs, the overall cost of the project will most likely be lower than similar projects.

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